Life of a stray animal is not easy. Not only do you have to fight for food, there is a struggle to find a place to sleep too. This is really tough for the stray animals, especially a cat. However, as exceptions are always there, this cat is one such exception only, as he fought every odd to have a better life.

Last April, Benben, a cat was found tottering on the streets in Vancouver, Canada. He was shivering from cold and was in desperate need of some help. His body condition was enough to tell that he must be suffering from some severe illness.

The initial phases of BenBen’s life were not very good. He began his life as a stray only and almost ending it up in the shelter home. He was desperate for love and care. The shelter was not sure about what to do with BenBen, considering his poor health.

BenBen, the cat only desired for some affection from somebody. He faced trouble from the very beginning of his life. Was there anyone who would treat the cat with unconditional love and care?

Benben was having several medical issues with him. His spine was crushed and his face was damaged which resulted in a permanent frown. The shelter thought that no one would like to adopt him.

Due to no information about BenBen’s health history, the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) had no clue as to what had happened to BenBen before his arrival at the shelter home. It was clear that he had an unpleasant life and that he was never ever aware of the comfort of a loving companion.

Once he arrived at the shelter home, doctors revealed that a larger animal must have attacked BenBen, which could be the reason behind his crushed spine. He also had many cuts and tears on his body. Things were going bad to worse for the poor feline.

BenBen was also suffering from facial damage and excess skin, which could be seen clearly on his face. His facial expression says it all. Albeit it was a facial deformity, this poor little feline had nothing to be happy about. Life was inevitably being cruel to BenBen.

After coming to know about BenBen through a friend, one woman decided that she would not let BenBen rot in a shelter home. She told her partner about the suffering cat and he agreed that they should do everything to save the feline.

As the time was running out, the couple, without wasting any minute decided to adopt BenBen. They had to make this real quick. They hadn’t seen Benben yet, but they were definitely sure that they would get BenBen before further deterioration in his condition.

Thankfully, the loving couple reached the shelter home in time. Rescued, at last, BenBen’s life changed forever. BenBen finally got his new home. Upon reaching his new home, bathroom was his new room. There were many cats in their home so it was important for BenBen to acclimatize to the surrounding. He was slowly settling down.

Source: Newd.co

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