The dog was attacked with a broken bone

Addie is a dog being cared for and treated at Rescue Me GA.

She had many serious wounds on her body, her front leg was broken quite deep below.

Dr. Keller confirmed that the girl’s injuries were most definitely due to being attacked by another dogs. Given the number of old wounds that were in various stages of healing, it was possible that Addie was used as bait for the fighting dogs and then discarded when her wounds became too severe. she’s splinting to see how if the bones can heal together.

Addie checked back a week and changed the dressing yesterday. The wound on her broken leg is still infected, but all her other wounds are healing well and she feels so much better… Her adoptive mother constantly reminds her. that she broke her leg and couldn’t run. everywhere. Top vet and orthopedic surgeon, both say there’s a good chance the leg will need to be amputated. Surgical repair is not possible. So Addie is scheduled to have surgery in mid-April. Since there is little chance of bone healing from the splint, Addies will take X-rays before surgery to see if there is any progress in the healing process.

Maybe, Addie was part of a dog fighting campaign. Most likely a bait dog. As she started to feel better, she became more responsive to the other dogs in her foster home.


This girl is the image of resilience and selflessness. Despite how badly she’s been treated by most people in her life, sweet Addie starts each day with a big smile and greets everyone she meets with a giant huhuo giant.

Source: Rescue Me GA


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