The dog with complete lacerations in the skin on her hind legs left her exposed tendons and unable to walk

Sydney was once an un-owned street dog living in El Centro Cotacachi.

Through the Amici Cannis Street Dog Sterilization program, she was spayed, immunized, and microchipped before being returned to Cotacachi as one of Amici Cannis free-roaming Community Dogs.

When Sydney was discovered one day by a local community member, laying in a ditch, with complete tears of her skin on her back legs that exposed her tendons and unable to walk, the hospital was contacted.

Amici Cannis dispatched our Amici Cannis Transport (ACT) and technician to rescue Sydney and bring her to the hospital for treatment.

After treatment by  wonderful doctors for several days, Sydney was able to walk again and began her healing process.  She is expected to make a full recovery with the help of Amici Cannis, even though her rehabilitation will be a long process.  Sydney has a loving temperament and is grateful for the help of the hospital team.

Source: Amicicannisusa

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