A Dog with a strong will to live

The dog’s name is Canela – street dog that had been sterilized and vaccinated and returned to community as a free-roaming dog. She was brought in from the city worker to Amici Cannis Hospital de Animales after thay found her brutally attracked by a pack of feral dogs at the city land fill.

She looked like a dog that had been torn apart from this attack, with huge open wounds all over her body.

The team at Amici Cannis already knew Canela and adored her, they knew they had to do anything necessary to save her life. As the days and weeks passed, Canela’s open wounds began to heal, and her sweet personality came alive.

After a month, when Canela was more stable, a volunteer from the hospital offered to foster her at home.  Canela was welcomed into the first home she had ever known with a new soft pet bed, toys, and treats.  Canela will have a complete recovery and now is known throughout Cotacachi and is greeted with loving hellos from the community who knows her miraculous story.

Source: Amicicannisusa



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