“Unwanted” Husky With Tumor Invading Entire Nasal Cavity And Face Adopted By Woman

I love my dog so much writes: “Patti Dawson likes challenges.” Patti Dawson is the leader of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Rehform. She looks after dogs in need. Although the group was founded to rescue dogs from the streets of Dallas, Texas, it has matured into a rescue center for dogs unlikely to be adopted. One such “last resort” recently arrived at Dawson’s from a shelter in San Antonio. Her name is Serenity, and what makes this husky dog special is her appearance. The dog has a massive tumor that took over her nasal cavity and spread to her eye sockets and skull.

The tumor affected most of the bones in her face. Dawson knew Serenity deserved a chance and the greatest life possible even with the tumor: “She gets up, leans over to me with this huge tumor and bends over like dogs do and kisses my face.” Dawson says. At that moment, I knew we would fight to the death to do everything we could to save her, because she was still alive.

So far, Serenity has been treated by an oncologist, a specialist in internal medicine and a specialist in intensive care. She can see, breathe and eat, but there is nothing they can do to cure the tumor. Although Dawson had hoped for better news, he will continue to love Serenity and give her a good life.

Pictures from a professional photo shoot of Serenity recently went viral, with people sending treats and packages for the precious dog. We wish her all the best!   

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