To Save this Abused Dog’s Life the Rescue goes Above and Beyond

Annie’s rescuer are not giving up after not receiving the justice she deserves. The WOOF Pet Rescue helped Annie with her recovery inside and out. They also work determined to bring her rapist to justice. Because of the high expectations for Annie, Krissy Mosbarger kept her scientific files carefully. She did everything for Annie to win her case in court.

Krissy Mosbager reported: ,,We’ve done everything we can to be as prepared as possible. Annie’s extensive scientific records have now been compiled. They’re almost 2 inches thick! Any time I go. Every activity. Each and every process. Each and every invoice. Along with specific photographs of her at various points during her terrifying journey. We’ve got this lock, stock, and barrel. I understand that at least one other expert in this case has been subpoenaed as well, which will be particularly useful. It is our hope that the courts will understand the evidence provided, as well as Annie’s incredible struggle. She is an incredible little girl with an incredible zest for life. But she had to go through hell to get here, and we don’t want her or her children’s pain to be in vain.’’
The justice system unfortunately doesn’t function always the way we want to. It’s. Clear that the fight is not over yet. With the help of ,,Annie’s Army’’ Krissy swore to exhaust all of her legal options in order to get Annie’s justice.
“She was once found not guilty because the DA’s workplace failed to use the evidence that had been gift-wrapped for them. The defendant said Annie was a wild stray that was no longer hers. We had proof from the woman who gave Annie to Maranda, but we didn’t count the amount…
Evidence only matters when the District Attorney’s office uses it in court. Apart from myself, I’m enraged. All used to be wrapped as though it were a gift for the DA’s office. All they had to do was use the evidence that was given to them once. I’m leaving right now. If I have some say in the matter, it isn’t over yet. When I get home later tonight, I’ll look into the possibilities.”
Maranda Dawne Weber was responsible for Annie’s illness. She was arrested not long after. She shockingly been charged with animal cruelty in the past. Clearly Maranda deserves severe punishment for what she did to Annie. Certain aspects are although questionable at this moment.
After several vet visits and surgical procedures Annie is thankfully doing much better now. The Positive Restorations Animal Rescue in Colorado adopted her. Krissy Mosbarger describes her as ,,a beautiful soul’’. She also is thinking about adopting her. Annie today is not recognizable as the same dog she once was. She always is wagging her tail and spreads a lot of energy. Annie is still not fully recovered but she for sure is on the right track.
The will of the candy canine to live is so powerful. However Annie’s medical remedy has so far costed over $16,000. From here on it will get even more expensive. To give Annie a second chance at life no amount of money is too much for Mosbarger.
Annie needs everyone who got love and support for her throughout her recovery. If you check the website of Positive Restorations Animal Rescue you can donate to them. Also the Facebook group ,,Justice For Mama Annie’’ got more information on her development.
Source: Forever Love Animals  

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