Shelter puppy helps her blind and deaf sister get through everyday life

All animals are special and unique in their own way, but we think we’ve found a pair who stand out even so. Star and Denver belonged to a litter of puppies who were abandoned along with their mom in Louisiana back in 2020.

The pups were taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, where staff soon realized Star was different.

Though the rest of her siblings played and did all the usual things one might expect of an excitable pup, Star stood alone. Staff at the center came to understand that she was deaf and almost blind.

And yet she wasn’t completely alone. Staff watched as one of her siblings, Denver, kept her company and acted as a guide dog while the disabled youngster used her other sense to get around and adjust to her new environment.

“It’s really extraordinary,” Dora Dahlke, manager of adoption services at Helen Woodward, explained in a press release. “We never stop learning from animals.

As per reports, Denver and Star were rarely apart now and could only be adopted together and for good reason. In June 2020, the shelter finally found suitable owners willing to adopt Denver and Star.

”We are thrilled that they found a forever home with a couple from Encinitas that opened their hearts to this unique bonded pair. They now spend their days exploring the world with each other, with Denver acting as Star’s seeing eye dog,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

The lucky owners who took in Denver and Star received training from a local expert on how to care for a puppy with special needs, and now we can only imagine the memories they’ll make with these two dogs.

“These two really can teach us all a thing or two about sibling love and how much we can achieve with the love of a good friend,” said Dahlke.

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