Reunited dog with owner who had to give her up due to homelessness

Many people consider dogs to be man’s closest friend, and sometimes, difficult decisions need to be made for their health. A homeless lady in Tennessee handed up her puppy, Lilo. But since Lilo was discovered walking around Chattanooga on January 24 with a leash and a depressing letter on her collar, they have been reunited.

“Lilo is my name. Please be my lover, it begs. “My mom is homeless with two kids and unable to care for me. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to obtain assistance. She couldn’t afford me. She loves me a lot, and I’m a lovely dog that enjoys affection. Please don’t treat me badly.

Lilo was fortunate to be saved by a compassionate individual who brought her to the McKamey Animal Center. The facility pleaded for Lilo’s owner to come forward and get help to keep their cat in a Facebook post. The shelter was sympathetic, even though they preferred that the owner had used their services before handing up Lilo. They volunteered to help in any way they could, as well as to reconnect them with Lilo, in a message to the owner.

The shelter’s message states, “We want you to know she is safe, and we will take the finest care of her. “We guarantee you that we will work hard to find her a lovely new home. She will be adored by our staff and volunteers, and we will maintain her name.

We do, however, hope that you will come forward to claim her if you are reading this. To the greatest of our abilities, we will assist you with anything you require to care for her. Without a doubt, Lilo misses you, and all we want is for her to return to her beloved family.

The story of Lilo and her owner gained widespread attention, inspiring both sympathy for their plight and respect for the animal center’s selfless reaction. The dog’s owner had been found, and the woman and dog had been reunited, according to McKamey Animal Center. In a picture, the homeless woman was seen embracing Lilo after they had reconciled. The facility declared that they were keeping their promise to assist the couple in finding stability.

Although we are unable to disclose many information with you at this time, the shelter said it was actively assisting the family in finding them a safe haven, shelter, and resources to help them combat homelessness and stay together. If Lilo’s tale touched you, please think about saving a homeless animal (or family!) in your neighborhood.

Source: Daily More

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