The man thought he was rescuing the dog from the icy water, in the end it turned out to be a wolf

Construction workers saw a dog fighting in the icy Pärnu River, Estonia, to get out of the water. They decided to help him.

Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli helped each other to eventually save this unfortunate animal and pull it ashore. They then wrapped him in a towel to keep him from getting cold.

One of the three said it was quite heavy and they had to carry it over the slope.

They soon called the rescue service, after which they took this animal to the vet.

As the experts said, this animal was very withdrawn and obedient, which is actually the result of low blood pressure.

It was also not clear to the vets what exactly they had in their hands, and then the hunter from that place told them that they were actually rescuing the wolf.

The association from Estonia, which is in charge of animal welfare, announced on social media that the wolf was very tired when they arrived on the shore. He froze for a long time. Then a young man ran to fetch a towel as soon as possible. Soon the wolf was put in the car to warm up, and they called the animal protection association.

It was necessary for the union to think a little about the situation that happened. That is what to do in the early morning hours when you have an unfortunate dog in front of you, which may be a wolf.EUPA told the media that they were very pleased and happy that it all ended. They were thanked all the people who were part of this story. That is especially the rescuers of this unfortunate animal.


Source: Daily More

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