Faithful Goldеn Retriever Prσtеcts Crying Girl From Being Told Off By Mothеr

This is a touching video where a hunting dog protects his friend, a little girl, while she is being scolded by her mother for some reason. Anyway, they are super cute because of this action.

Like so many other children. Her daughter is also at a hyperactive age and acts confusingly

Ms. Sun, the mother and also the cameraman, was worried after finding her new face cream was made and used as a facial care product.


“I was really really worried. I simply think of ice cream and a half if it’s ready,” Ms Sun, 32, told MailOnlinе. “My baby started crying since I scolded her”


So Harry created an act of reconciliation between me and my daughter

He growls at Sun and wants her to come back behind. She said that the dog made her emotional and funny at the same time


Ms Sun claimed that her anger “disappeared” as soon as Harry walked in.

Harry even tried to comfort his daughter when she was crying by wrapping his arms around her and shoulders.



‘I’m still angry but I think it’s quite funny,’ Ms. Sun said. ‘It was so heartwarming. Caninеs will definitely find a way to love it more

Looks like this isn’t the first time Harry has played his little friend.

‘ Whenever we talked to her during a difficult time, he would come close and try to get to know her with his knowledge,’ the person added. “He will surely love the children very much.”


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