Neighbors Extinguishing Backyard Fire Suddenly Hear Cries For Help, And Here’s What They Find

A fire recently broke out in someone’s backyard, and luckily, the neighbors were there to quickly extinguish it. Just when they thought there were no victims, however, they saw a tiny paw reaching for help under the pieces of wood. There it was – a tiny kitten who got badly burnt in the fire.

The poor thing was rushed to the local RSPCA, where they named her Phoenix and started treating her wounds. “When Phoenix arrived she was in a really sorry state,” Luka Atkinson, reception supervisor at RSPCA Felledge, said in a press release.

“She was just 6 weeks old back then, and to see such a tiny kitten that way was really hard for us. The skin on all four of her pads was burnt off and the fur on her face, tummy and legs was singed — she was lucky to be alive.”

Sadly, later it turned out that Phoenix’s wounds were even deeper than originally thought. Still, with plenty of painkillers, love, and TLC, the cat who was dubbed ‘the luckiest kitten in Britain’ is slowly recovering. The fur on her eyelids is still yet to grow, but it’s only a question of time.

“She is such a happy little thing and she eats, plays and loves fuss just like any other kitten, and we hope people won’t be scared by her appearance while she heals,” Atkinson said.  

Source: Paws Animal 

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