Men Wanted to Adopt a Siamese Kitten But Instead Were Chosen By a Lovely Blind Cat

If you’ve read any of our past articles, you’re probably familiar with Merlin, the Canadian Ragdoll cat who became popular for his constant face. That is why we’d like to present Merlin (Merlin Griffith), another kitty that has become an internet celebrity – but whose face is nothing short of heavenly.

Merlin Griffith has dreamy Blue eyes and beautiful dark gray fur, but Merlin in Canadian has blue eyes and furrowed brows. Nathanial and Elliot Green, his parents, are two graphic artists who ran a stunningly gorgeous Instagram page dedicated to their lovely pet, which has over 30 thousand followers.

In 2017, Elliot and Nathanial met Merlin at the Lynchburg Humane Society’s “Free Cat Friday” event in Lynchburg, Virginia. They have wanted to adopt a Siamese kitten for a long time and were expecting to locate one that day. Unfortunately, all of the Siamese were either on hold or had already been adopted.

Not to be disappointed, the pair continued their search, and they are overjoyed to have discovered Merlin. When he was a kitten, the young guy was brought to the shelter. Regrettably, he was born mostly blind and with a tiny size (water-bottle-size at the age of 2). He need medical care as well as a loving home.

“I was concerned when I first learned that he was blind. I was worried that as a full-time student working two jobs, I wouldn’t be able to give Merlin the care he required. I believe it was very apparent as soon as I got to hold him that he was perfect.”

“He’s an affectionate cat who likes being acknowledged and held,” Elliot says. He’s also never destructive or petty. He has no sense of fear because he was born blind, therefore he will attempt to jump out of very high heights. He doesn’t hide or avoid visitors; instead, he’ll rush up to the door to greet us and climb all over the sofa guests. He like to sit on someone’s lap.”

At the shelter, Merlin met his parents and knew he’d found his forever home. The family is overjoyed to have found Merlin, and they believe it is all because to animal shelters like the Lynchburg Humane Society.      Source: Ilovemycat

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