A Man In Ukraine Puts Kangaroos Inside His Truck And Transports Them To Safety

10 kangaroos from a Ukrainian zoo were rescued onboard a vehicle and are being transported away from Kharkiv to avoid death due to constant bombardment. A volunteer and animal lover decided to utilize his vehicle to provide them with a more secure and quiet existence.

The guy driving the truck with his gentle friends, who patiently wait to reach their goal, may be seen in a video uploaded on the social networks of the ecological park Feldman Ecopark.

Even in the video, a pair of kangaroos on the far left look to be having an altercation, with one striking the other in the face. It is something that clearly stands out in the middle of all the commotion.

The Feldman Ecopark, built by animal enthusiast Oleksandr Feldman, formerly held the ten kangaroos. However, the park was unfortunately bombed by the Russians.

The park recently released photographs of what seemed to be shell rubble and said that a favorite Stepan baboon of Kharkiv residents had been killed by shelling. The assaults also claimed the lives of other zoo staff.

The park stated on its Facebook page:

“These are the bullet casings that were fired at Feldman Ecopark.” And this is the baboon Stepan from the Ecopark, who was shelled and is a darling of Kharkiv locals and other visitors.”

According to Bored Panda, the zoo’s major purpose has been to preserve as many creatures as possible since then, and that, as they assert, any life, whether human or animal, is worth fighting for. And, thankfully, many others have contacted out to provide a little assistance.

Many additional creatures, including spurred tortoises, blue and white-nosed monkeys, foxes, and others, have been rescued by staff and rescuers. Despite the fact that evacuating the turtles, which weighed more than 100 kg, was a difficult undertaking, they were successful owing to collaboration.

Some of the animals, such as roe deer and elk, have been released into surrounding woodlands in the hopes of having a better chance of surviving the conflict. Others, such as red-furred fox-like wolves, have fled due to shelling and enclosure damage.

The park is doing everything it can to save the remaining animals, but it is a difficult effort given the equipment necessary and the possibility of continued bombardment, but they are giving it their all every day.

Source: Velocify 

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