Abandoned Dog Looking Like A Mop Gets Groomed And Reveals The Cutest Face

All the pets are adorable in their own way, though they look drastically different or originate from a wide range of breeds. Above all, their unconditional love for their families is the most beautiful thing about these lovely beings.

A Maltese-Poodle mix girl named Irie was left on the street and rescued later by Hillary Gillinder from the Rhode Home Rescue. When arriving at the shelter, she was dirty with knots all over her face and body, and her hair was tangled. The staff agreed that they couldn’t let the one-year-and-nine-month-old woofing girl continue to resemble a mop.

Before Hillary took Irie to Rhode Home Rescue, the shelter worker gave the pup free shaving for about 45 minutes. Then, after bathing and glooming again at Hillary’s foster home, the canine girl’s appearance completely changed. She was actually a fabulous furball with the most dazzling covering.

Hillary guessed it had been such a tough journey for the pup that it had made her fur so matted, but it was over as the rescue promised that she would do her best to guarantee Irie’s ever-after happiness.

When the furbaby’s hair grew back and Hillary could gloom her decently again, Irie was nowhere near her previously ragged look but shiny like an angel. She was friendly with ladies and other pets but was not familiar yet with children. Despite being delightful and playful, she didn’t make many noises and barked only when needed.

After waiting for her new family for months, finally, Irie was adopted. She was chipped and wouldn’t be cast out again. In her new female-only household, she’s now living her best life.

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