Dogs’ Lives Were Completely Ruined When Their Owners Welcomed New Puppies

Have you ever found that having a pet dog around improves your mood? Yes. According to one study, most pet owners, particularly those who are close to their pets, are always happier than non-pet owners. They assist you in reducing stress, maintaining physical and mental health, and becoming more open to others.

Some dogs regard their owner’s home as their domain, and they become irritated when another dog enters. They are at ease being alone in their area, thus introducing another dog is unpleasant for them. This could be one of their challenges and the dogs’ lives were completely ruined. But they may also be relatable dogs.

Take a look at these dogs’ irritated but amusing looks when their owners introduce new puppies. We’re guessing they’ll make you laugh  out loud. Are you prepared? Let’s get started!



He loves his new sister

My boyfriend’s dog’s reaction to the new puppy

When you just woke up and she wants to play

When you lose the receipt to return your little sister

He’s a little asshole

Who else ruined their older dog’s life by getting them a younger sibling?

Like please take that thing back

Watson thought if he just didn’t look at the problem it would go away

It was at this moment Hank regretted asking for a little brother

Source: Aubtu


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