Big-Hearted Dog Comforts Abandoned Puppies In A Way His Owner Never Expects

Each individual has their own personality and preference, including both humans and other species. Just like some people are more out-going than others, some dogs are energetic and feisty while others are keen on a more laid-back lifestyle. However, even after years of living together, the pets’ parents can’t know everything about their furry babies. At some moment, an unexpected event may trigger the pet’s true nature, which astounds the owners.

Let’s meet Remi, a big pup that loves to comfort little puppies in a way his owner never expects!

Kristen Lee and Remi clicked with each other right after their first encounter 3 years ago, and Lee was determined to take the pup in her family.  “It’s like we were meant to find each other,” Lee shared. “He had the biggest head I’ve ever seen, and I just loved him.”

Remi was friendly with people but not comfortable with other adult dogs, so Lee didn’t have the intention to adopt any other child. Nevertheless, once they moved to a new house with a large yard, Lee planned to help miserable puppies from PJ’s Rescue as a foster mother. She’s always loved to shelter and support abandoned pups that desperately desire warmth and care.

Lee was worried that Remi might feel uneasy with the presence of strange puppies, so she was super careful when introducing him to the first foster pup. However, she was amazed to see how Remi acted as a big brother and protected the little ones.

“When I decided I wanted to try fostering with him, I was incredibly nervous,” Lee said. “The first time I brought in a puppy, we introduced them super [slowly], but he seemed to immediately know that this puppy needed to be protected and cared for. I never expected him to love them the way he does.”

Several months have passed by with lots of puppies coming to Lee’s house. Remi has been used to the role of a big brother now, and his bonded relationship with the foster pups thrills his owner. All fosters seemed to adore Remi and learn to mimic his manner. It’s kind of funny to see all of them pick up Remi’s sitting style.
“The puppies tend to pick up a lot of Remi’s habits,” Lee said. “Things like potty training and the weird way he sits. Every foster we’ve had ends up sitting like him, with their legs poking out to the side.”
Since Remi is a big dog, he’s careful when playing with other pups to avoid hurting them. “He is so gentle when he plays with them,” Lee said. “You wouldn’t expect it based on how big he is. I love when he yawns and the curious puppies stick their heads right inside his mouth.”

Remi has proved that he’s not only an adorable and affectionate pet but also an ideal partner to accompany Lee on her foster path. “I definitely think fostering would be so much harder without him,” Lee said. “He is such a great role model for the puppies.”

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Source: Aubtu

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