The most loyal dog refuses to leave the autistic boy because they are best friends

Dogs have some superior points with human. Simply put, they are the best friends we don’t deserve but have. Here is another illustration of their superiority.

James Isaac, 9 year olds kid, has autism, cannot speak and feels awkward around people. Luckily, he has Mahe.

Mahe is his loyal service dog and will never leave him. The young patient from New Zealand recently had a magnetic resonance imaging scan to determine the cause of his seizures, and when doctors observed how close the two were, they allowed Mahe go with him.

Mahe stood by her best friend, snuggling in her face as James was placed inside the machine.

According to Michelle Isaac, James’ mother, who spoke to Stuff.co.nz about their conversation, “He just looked at James and looked really worried.”

The road to the hospital is probably enough to tire most people on their knees, but Mahe is also useful in other situations. Since they became best friends two and a half years ago, the dog trained by the New Zealand Dog Support Trust has helped James stay calm during all the different outings they’ve been on. together.

According to Wendy Isaacs, who works for the foundation, “there is a miracle that happens between a child with autism and the dogs, they help calm the kids down.”

Mahe, bạn đã là một huyền thoại. Keep it up!

Source: Forever Love Animals

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