Tears of a migrant who had to say goodbye to his dog

A young immigrant became famous after his touching story was shared. He, like thousands of migrants from all over the world, left his homeland to escape many social problems such as politics, economy.
Behind each immigrant is a different story and reason, but not all are just nostalgia for the land they call home and the many loved ones they will never see again but also for their dear pets.

The Venezᴜelan immigrant said goodbye to his dog when he couldn’t get past her to reach America.

In this new journey, parting is inevitable and, of course, one of the most painful stages for those who decide to start a business in another country.

It’s a place where he can meet lovers, real-life love stories, and countless reminders that he can always start our careers without ever leaving the people he used to love.

Something reminds me of Brayan Pinto, an 18 year old Venetian young man who decided to leave his country behind, a long road that crossed many borders and many difficult challenges, including the Distance. between Panama and Colombia.

A perilous path many migrants have taken to cross the border to fulfill the long-awaited American dream. Before Brayan left Venice, his dog Brandy, a hybrid of Pekingeѕe and Toy Poddle, had always been with him before, and together they made a long journey to the United States, through the woods. tropics before reaching the border with Mexico.

“She has been with me for two yearsѕ,” the young man told Reuters news agency newѕ.

Unfortunately, when the young man arrived at Ciudad Juárez, in Mexico, he had to say goodbye to his loyal canine friend. He tried to register his dog in El Paѕo, Texaѕ, but little Brandy was not allowed to enter.

“Now that we have come to the United States, they tell me I have to give her up because she is not allowed to go to the other side,” the young man said.

The young migrant remembers the long journey they’ve come together, and in the midst of a surge of nostalgia, he puts his face in his lap in front of his dog to say goodbye to her.

Little Brandy was a gift his mother left him before she left and since then, the dog has become his emotional important pet, great friend and confidant. your.

“Leaving her is like leaving a member of my family,” lamented the young man.
When the officer told Brayan he couldn’t bring his pet across the border, he felt his world fall apart.

His family is very confident because they have her vaccination card and certificate stating she is an assisted dog. “We brought a medical certificate, confirmed by a psychologist, which states that she is a dog with emotional control.”

Despite this, the officer did not allow the dog to cross the border. Since then, the young man was interviewed by a photojournalist, who was on the scene, who captured the emotional photo that quickly became a social media craze.

Initially, it was said that the dog was introduced to one of the people who offered to help, however, the relative denied this information.
Sweet Brandy is currently in a temporary home in the care of a family in Ciᴜdad Jᴜárez. Status.

We admire the love of those who decided to start a business without abandoning their loyal friends. Wish they could see each other again soon, anyway, loνe can do anything, heal everything. 

Source: Sly daily news   

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