A call to help a dog attacked by hedgehogs

Challenging the hedgehog both times, the dog named zither received a disastrous result, causing its owner to go to social networks to ask for help.

Have you seen the appearance of “Thor Thor” in distress? In São Paulo, Brazil, a dog named Thor was discovered by his owner with hundreds of porcupine quills all over his body. The owner even broken then new that this is not the first time Sol has been hurt by the porcupine. Last year, he was hit by porcupine and shot all over his face.

According to the “Daily Star” report, the owner Adriano (Adriano Bertoline) found on the 20th that the dog’s neck, nose, mouth and even the tongue had been inserted with spikes. However, he then realized that it was Sol who ran to the porcupine to single out again, causing himself to end up like this.

Adriano immediately took Saul to the veterinarian, but due to unemployment and had raise 4 children, it was difficult to afford the medical expenses. In a hurry, he posted the tragic situation of the dog on Facebook to raise funds, “I woke up this morning and saw my dog turned into this…” I hope there are kind people who can help.

When the news reached a congressman, he immediately contacted Adriano and asked Sol to go to the veterinary hospital for treatment without worrying about a dime.

The veterinarian finally pulled out hundreds of porcupine spines from Sol’s body, and after injury recovered, Adriano was taken home to take care of him. In fact, this is the second time that Sol has singled out the porcupine in the past year, but what remain unchanged is that he is still beaten as a “cat”, which makes the owner quite headache.

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