Struggling To Rescue The Cat From The Wild Dogs That Are Biting It

A homeless cat became a victim of dogs, whose teeth left deep wounds on the animal’s body. The cat managed to escape and hide in the backyard of one of the houses. The wounded animal was found by the owners of the house.By the time people noticed the cat, he had no strength left even to move. People put the cat in a box, gave him food and water, and called the animal rescue service.Rescuers were shocked by the severity of the wounds on the cat’s body. The animal meowed softly, trying to overcome its pain. The cat was transferred into the carrier very carefully, trying not to hurt him, and then he was immediately taken to the veterinarian. An examination at the clinic showed the severity of the wounds received by the cat.According to doctors, the cat remained alive only thanks to incredible luck. Painkillers helped a little to alleviate the condition of the animal.

After the drugs worked, the cat was tested, X-rayed, and immediately sent to the operating table. The cat recovered from anesthesia very hard, he was constantly shaking, and there was severe weakness.Doctors did not give any guarantees. The cat turned out to be unusually strong in spirit and fought for his life. Every day the veterinarians noted a slight improvement in his condition but continued to carefully monitor him and give him proper care.The cat managed to fully recover from injuries only after a couple of months. During rehabilitation, the cat lived in the clinic under the close attention of doctors, who created all the necessary conditions for him.The cat recovered not only physically, but also mentally, he learned to trust people and communicate with other animals. Now the cat is looking for a new family that will never let him hurt again.

Source: Animal On Word



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