Puppy Looks Like A Pink Piglet Can’t See Or Hear

Unfortunately, some breeders do not consider the potential health complications that may develop when breeding dogs. Piglet is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, and both of his parents are dappled.When two dogs of this hue are mated together, the puppies have a 25% chance of becoming a “double dapple,” which is often associated with the puppy being partly or entirely blind and deaf. Piglet was unfortunately one of those puppies, and he is entirely blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop him.

Piglet acquired his moniker from his light pink coloring as a puppy. He is a beautiful and adorable dog, but due to his specific requirements, he required a family that was ready to give him more care and affection.Piglet was discovered in a hoarding scenario with 37 other puppies in Georgia. He was then sent to Connecticut, where he met Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian.

Shapiro first intended to foster Piglet, but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him. She realized he belonged with her after only two months of fostering him.

Shapiro already had six dogs, but she was delighted to welcome another. Piglet is a lot of effort for her, but he is well worth it.

Caring for Piglet felt like a full-time job at first. He was highly devoted to Shapiro and screamed whenever he was anxious, which was most of the time. He had severe separation anxiety if Shapiro left the house, so she couldn’t even leave him alone for the first month.

Piglet settled into a routine and became more at ease in his new surroundings after a few months in his forever home. He enjoys playing with his brothers, going on walks, and traveling for business with Shapiro. He refused to allow his unusual requirements to prevent him from living the life of a happy dog.When a third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts heard about Piglet’s story, she wanted to share it with her students. She told them about Piglet’s good attitude and how it helped him overcome challenges. He also encourages children to accept and celebrate diversity.

The students utilize Piglet to aid them with their growth mentality, thus they aim to maintain a “Piglet frame of mind,” and when presented with problems, they ask themselves, “What would Piglet do?” The kids frequently send hand-drawn cards to Piglet, which both Shapiro and Piglet appreciate.Piglet and his family also fundraise for special needs rescue canines. They provide a wide range of Piglet goods, such as t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and bags. So far, they have raised more than $30,000!

Piglet’s website also includes a collection of instructional PDFs for use in classrooms. Piglet is an inspiration to both humans and dogs, and he works tirelessly to promote adoption and put smiles on people’s faces throughout the world.Shapiro and Piglet will continue to assist and inspire people in the coming years. Piglet had a difficult childhood, but because to Shapiro, he is now an emblem of friendliness and acceptance.

Piglet’s story motivates people to adopt, particularly pets with unique needs like him. They may require additional maintenance, but they are undeniably worth the extra work.

Source: Animal On World

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