Little Dog Was Saved After Someone Colored Her All Over

Meet Luna, a brave rescue dog who was found wandering the streets with severe leg deformities and a constant twitch, possibly from a birth defect.

This little girl had a rough time during Holi. Someone puts colors on her, but that only made her more miserable.

Luna was in a lot of pain and her condition was worsened by the fact that she was very skinny and had an eye infection. To make matters worse, someone had put colors on her fur, which made her an easy target for cruelty.She has leg deformities and a constant twitch, possibly from a birth defect, is very skinny and has an eye infection.Thankfully, Luna was rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited, who gave her the best possible care. Despite her difficult condition, Luna’s spirit never wavered. The Animal Aid Unlimited team worked tirelessly to treat her leg deformities, ease her pain, and cure her eye infection. They also provided her with a safe, loving environment where she could recover and heal. By the time they filled her tummy and she landed in her caregiver’s arms, she was already on the path to being a stronger girl, and already one who lights up the world with beauty.After several weeks of treatment, Luna made an amazing recovery. Her leg deformities were corrected, her twitching stopped, and her eye infection was cured. She gained weight and now has a beautiful shiny coat. Most importantly, she was given a second chance at life.We are grateful to Animal Aid Unlimited for their dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating animals like Luna. Their tireless work and commitment to animal welfare is truly inspiring. We hope Luna’s story will inspire others to support their cause and help more animals in need.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited


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