A kind story about a boy whose action gives people hope that humanity still exists

In the ultramodern world there are many friendly and lovely people. What the little boy did gives people hope that humanity is an option for a happy and well being.

Levan Georgadze who was eleven lives in the megacity of Tbilisi. He started to be known for in his birthplace, but in Georgia, and his stories indeed spread abroad. He came notorious foe his action after being kind towards a pet.

It was downtime. Levan came out of the house and was doing his work. At that time he noticed a canine lying hoplessly in the cold downtime day. The boy took off his jacket without allowing and covered the beast with with his jacket to warm himslef. The neighbors noticed this action.

Dembo Lomidze, noticed this action from the window how he gives the boy the jacket. He lives in the same house as theboy.He made a decision to capture good action and post a print on his runner on social networks. This post fleetly came notorious and gained further than likes and inspiring commentary.

All the neighbours said that they were proud that they live with this boy in the same house. All the neighbours thanked their parents for such a son. The boy’s action makes people believe in a good future.

The original administration also so this post on social media, the administration made a decision to invite the boy to take part in a social design. The end of this social design was to set up a special sanctum for homeless pets.

Source: Sweetest animals  

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