This Youngster’sEars Look Like They’ve Both Been Grabbed By An Animal

This youngster’s ears look like they’ve both been grabbed by an animal. It happens occasionally with dogs and even pigs, who start out with playful sniffing that sometimes erupts into an attack.We see this often when young calves have been forcefully separated from their mothers. Without their mothers to protect them, they are vulnerable. Despite cows being known as docile animals, mother cows are fierce. Just try approaching a mother cow’s baby and you’ll gain a new level of respect for motherhood.This makes it all the more sad and wrong when male calves are abandoned on the street, without their mothers, simply because the owner wants to continue milking the mother and they have no value for the male calf’s life.

One of this sweet boy’s ears required immediate bandaging. The other less seriously wounded ear will heal without a bandage.

It is good that the vet from Animal Aid Unlimited was able to properly bandage and care for the wounded ear. Bandaging the ear will help control any bleeding, protect the wound, and promote healing.The vet will need to regularly check the bandage to make sure it remains clean and secure. They will monitor how the wound is healing and change the bandage as needed. It is important to keep the wound clean and prevent infection.Although the wound another ear may have seemed less severe, it is still important to properly clean and care for the injured ear to prevent infection and promote healing. The owner should clean the entire ear gently but thoroughly using a diluted antiseptic solution and warm water.Apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound and cover it with a loose bandage. Monitor the calf closely for signs of bleeding or discharge from the wound. Change the bandage daily or if it gets wet or dirty.Pain medication may be given to help keep the calf comfortable during the healing process. The vet can advise on proper medication and dosage for a calf.

The vets are grateful that this little sweetheart can heal in the peace of others both his own age and adults whose presence, we hope, will help him feel like he’s home.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

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