Poor Puppy Thrown Away Because of Scabies, Shaking and Crying, Desperate Because No One Helps

This is so heartless! How can you abandon a sick puppy in the middle of nowhere and think that by building her a little roof you are such a great person! Our partners were notified about this puppy. She seems to be very sick, she doesn’t have the strength to get up, her little body is full of scabs and bleeding wounds.

She just lied there waiting for her last breath. She was so desperate and wanted to give up. We have Bia (the name we gave her)!! Seeing her situation here in person is so sad. She is so very scared. She is just a fragile puppy! She can’t even stand on her own and the worst part is she had a collar.

She had an owner! Bia is showing some neurological symptoms, many skin problems, pieces of skin are falling off with the remaining hair. She is bleeding on some parts of her body, is extremely thin, dehydrated and has a fever.

The vet will start working on stabilizing her now, and do blood tests and an ultrasound. Bia tested negative for distemper, but she already had the disease and these neurological signs are results from the disease.

The skin scraping sample showed demodex scabies, and her blood tests showed anemia plus high infection levels. As she is not in the transmissible phase of the distemper, we were able to start with therapeutic baths. She had her first medicated bath, but her skin is still peeling off, and is very itchy, with a lot of secretion and bleeding.

She’s still very uncomfortable Bia will have a long journey with being hospitalized. Her blood work showed very high infection and anemia levels. She is already on antibiotics.

For her skin, Bia is receiving 3 medicated baths per week to keep her skin hydrated and help her to feel better. After all that Bia has been through being abandoned and left alone to die, she still manages to wag her little tail.

Her skin still makes her very uncomfortable. She’s still bleeding, and her skin is falling off. Hopefully, the skin treatments will start to help, and she will soon have some relief. Look who has started eating on her own! She will be fed small portions of wet food, multiple times a day. Baby Bia is still fighting and winning this battle. Her new blood work showed some significant improvements! Her skin is much less itchy. We wouldn’t say yet she’s comfortable, but compared to the day we rescued her, she’s much better.

Bia is still in quarantine at vet hospital and will remain quarantined for another week. Afterwards, she will be hospitalized for about 2 more weeks, so the doctors can monitor her progress. Baby Bia is such an adorable puppy.

She has started to come out of her shell, and she has a great personality!!! Bia is feeling much more comfortable with her skin problems: less itchy, great appetite, gaining weight. She is still on antibiotics and oral medication for her skin. She’s also still receiving 3 medicated baths a week.

Source: Sly Daily New

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