Firefighters tried to save ‘Wheelie Puppy’ when the dog’s head became stuck in a tyre

Sharing their rescue operation with their followers on Twitter, Riverside County Department of Animal Services officials initially tried to oil the puppy’s head to slide it out, but, because of swelling in the canine’s neck area, the slick strategy did not work.

When that technique didn’t work, the team sedated the canine to keep it calm and contacted the Riverside County Fire Department for reinforcements.

After moving the dog and its wheel to a protected place, the firefighters used power tools to cut the rim and free the animal’s head. The dog, who the rescuers nicknamed “Wheelie Puppy,” ate its meal right away after that.

“Rescued! The Department of Animal Services published a video of the moment the dog was released from the vehicle component on Twitter together with the message, ” Thanks to our friends.

Updating a concerned fan of the animal rescue’s play-by-play, the Department of Animal Services team said on Thursday that they located Wheelie Pup’s owners.

” Proprietors contacted us about what had happened; reunion should happen Thursday morning or mid-day; we are still looking after a puppy,” the department tweeted.

Cisneros immediately rushed to the scene to help the distressed puppy, who had somehow managed to get his head stuck inside the spare tire. He tried his best to free the puppy, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do it alone.

After realizing that he needed some extra help, Cisneros called the Riverside County Fire Department for assistance. Firefighters quickly responded to the call and arrived at the scene with the necessary equipment.

Using their tools and expertise, the firefighters were able to carefully and gently free the little puppy from the tire. The puppy, who had been given the nickname “Wheelie Puppy,” was understandably frightened and shaken by the ordeal.

After being examined by a veterinarian, “Wheelie Puppy” was deemed to be healthy and unharmed. Cisneros and the firefighters were delighted to see the little puppy wagging his tail and showing no signs of distress.

This heartwarming story is a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, including curious little puppies. It also highlights the importance of quick action and teamwork in rescuing animals in distress.

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