Woman Stumbles Across Adorable Little Family Living In Abandoned Barn

Last month, on a cold and rainy day in Northeast Texas, Robin Clemons was busy getting her truck inspected when she saw a dog across the street. A moment later, she saw another dog, then another. What was going on over there? Clemons asked the mechanic if he recognized the dogs. He told her they’d been there for a while, living alone in an abandoned barn nearby.Sensing that the little family needed help, Clemons ran back to her house to grab some food for the pups. Later, she brought them blankets and water. She counted nine puppies and their mama, all of whom were very wary of Clemons but happy to have something to eat.

Clemons got in touch with Northeast Texas Rescue Organization (NETRO), and soon staff members were on the scene, ready to help bring the dogs to safety. Rescuers set up traps and waited. Within two days, NETRO caught all nine puppies and took them back to the shelter, with plans to come back for the mother dog, who was still avoiding them.

Safe in a foster home, the puppies anxiously took in their new surroundings. It was clear they’d never known love before.

“It was very apparent that they were not used to humans at all,” the team at NETRO said.Eventually, the puppies grew to love their foster home a sprawling farm with lots to see and do. They’ve especially enjoyed meeting all the other farm animals living alongside them.

“They are getting to see a lot of new animals,” team NETRO said. “When the cows approach their fence, it makes them go crazy with excitement, wanting to know these new strange creatures.”For now, the puppies are still growing to understand family life, adapting to a new environment and learning how to trust. Eventually, they will be up for adoption, looking for their forever homes.

“The future is very bright now for all nine puppies,” team NETRO said.

Source: Dailydodo


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