The Poor Dog Was Rescued After Being Starved For Months

Volunteers of D.C.’s Humane Rescue Alliance found a A pit bull mix that was badly malnourished was discovered by volunteers of D.C.’s Humane Rescue Alliance in a gutter on Okie Street NE.

The 9-month-old puppy, subsequently given the name Shepherd, was dehydrated and his organs were progressively shutting down after being trapped in the gutter for 12 hours. Shepherd was then rushed to a local hospital.

The vet didn’t see much hope for him as he would collapse all the time and had severe mange rotting away his skin. But after 1 week of intensive care, Shepherd passed this critical stage and slowly found the strength to live again!

Now, Shepherd is living in a foster home in Burke, Virginia. His foster mom Kim O’Keefe finds it revolting that someone so cruelly hurt the sweet, loving and easy-going Shepherd. Shepherd is growing well under Kim’s care and will soon be ready for a forever home.

The Humane Rescue Alliance volunteers are meanwhile assisting the cops to help find the twisted person who dumped Shepherd like garbage. The shelter was just steps away from the gutter, yet the culprit chose to let the dog suffer and die a slow death in the gutter. Malnourishment in dogs can lead to numerous health issues, including organ failure, and it’s crucial for dogs to receive proper nutrition and care.

Cops are looking for the culprit who drove a dark-colored, four-door sedan with no hood. A reward of $10000 has been offered for any information that leads to the arrest of the culprit. Pass on this message and help the cops nab this cruel offender and bring them to justice.

It’s essential to remember that dogs are dependent on their owners for food, water, and other basic needs, and it’s important to provide them with adequate care and attention. Neglect and abuse of animals are serious offenses, and it’s crucial for people to report any suspected cases of animal cruelty or neglect to the proper authorities.

I hope that Shepherd makes a full recovery and finds a loving forever home where he can receive the care, attention, and love he deserves. It’s essential for all dogs to be treated with kindness and compassion, and it’s up to all of us to help protect and care for animals in need.

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