Stray Dog With Severe Scabies Shows Up On Man’s Doorstep Asking For Help

This story is about a desperate dog in really bad conditions, who showed up on a man’s house’s doorstep asking for help. It happens in Brownsville, Texas.

Thankfully, the dog picked the right home. Dan Van Coppenolle, the owner of the house, posted an image on Facebook as soon as he saw the dog, to catch the attention of the animal lovers.

“Help! This dog showed up at our home near Rio Del Sol area this morning,” Dan wrote. “He has a collar with no tags and is in bad shape. Very weak and hungry.”

The dog clearly had advanced and severe mange and was starving. Fortunately, the post went viral and the dog was fostered by a woman who takes care of the unhealthy dogs.

A friend of the foster caregiver posted a few photos of him after he was washed and cleaned up.

The dog was taken to the vet and is now under the supervision of a skilled rehabilitation specialist.

Hopefully, in a few months after he has had time to recover, this dog will be showing up at a home that will be his forever!

It’s heartwarming to hear that Dan Van Coppenolle took in the stray dog with severe scabies and provided him with the care and attention he needed. Stray dogs often face numerous challenges, including malnutrition, illnesses, and injuries, and it’s crucial for people to help them whenever possible.

Scabies is a painful and uncomfortable skin condition that can cause severe itching, sores, and hair loss in dogs. If left untreated, it can lead to secondary infections and other health complications. Therefore, it’s essential to seek veterinary care immediately if a dog shows symptoms of scabies.

It’s inspiring to see people like Dan Van Coppenolle using social media to raise awareness and connect with animal lovers who can help. Social media can be a powerful tool for animal rescue and advocacy, and it’s crucial for people to use it to help animals in need whenever possible.

I hope that the stray dog with severe scabies has made a full recovery and found a loving forever home where he can live a happy and healthy life.

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