Heroic Dog Saves His Owner From Rattlesnake in Arizona

On a hike, Todd the golden retriever and his owner Paula Goodwin stumbled across a rattlesnake.

Just as Goodwin was about to unknowingly step on the snake, Todd spotted it and jumped in front of his owner’s leg. Golden Retriever dog bravely rushed to stop the rattlesnake to protect his owner.

Unfortunately, the rattlesnake bit the pup in the face, causing a severe swelling of his snout. Todd was immediately taken to Anthem Animal Hospital for treatment. Thankfully, the dog was in no danger to his life and expected to make a full recovery.

Goodwin posted photos of the recovering retriever on her Facebook with the caption: “My hero of a puppy Todd saved me.”

The photos on social media show him appearing to smile, despite his injured face has gone viral with fans praising his courage and positive attitude.

One popular Twitter account called We Rate Dogs posted about Todd with the caption: “This is Todd. He saved his human from a rattlesnake yesterday. A true h*ckin hero. He’s expected to make a full recovery and has been rewarded our fifth ever 15/10.” 

The story of Todd the golden retriever saving his owner from a rattlesnake is a testament to the bravery and loyalty of dogs. It’s incredible to think that Todd was able to recognize the danger posed by the snake and act to protect his owner in a split second.

Without Todd’s intervention, the situation could have been much worse for Paula Goodwin. Rattlesnakes are venomous and can cause serious harm to humans, so the fact that Todd was able to jump in front of his owner’s leg and prevent her from being bitten is truly remarkable.

This story also highlights the importance of being aware of your surroundings when hiking or spending time in nature. Rattlesnakes are common in certain areas of the United States, and it’s essential to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid potentially dangerous encounters.

The story of Todd the golden retriever is a heartwarming reminder of the special bond between dogs and their owners, and the incredible ways in which dogs can act to protect and care for their human companions.

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