Poor Dog Has Been Transformed In A Spectacular Way Thanks To Love

Janet first saw Tim when she went to donate to her local animal shelter, and what she witnessed broke her heart.

Three years ago, Janet went to the local Animal Rescue Centre (RSPCA) to provide some blankets for the animals. During a talk with the counter staff, they remembered her work in the Pet Shop Industry and the fact she was a Dog Handler.

The manager asked if she wanted to adopt a very special dog since he had been one of the worst neglect cases the center has ever seen. She explained that she had recently lost her beloved dog and was not quite ready for another dog.

Then the manager brought out a photo of ‘Tim’. Her heart was instantly broken for this poor dog, in that moment she knew he was hers.

“Well that was one of the luckiest days of my life. Tim is now my best friend, devoted playmate to my 2 grandchildren and friend to everyone who walks through my gate,” she said.

His capacity for love is astounding, especially considering his tragic start in life. He now understands all of the basic commands, but with a twist.

“I tell him it is a beautiful day today, he knows it means he has to go outside of the house. If I say “dinner time” and I am cooking in the kitchen, Tim knows it means he is not allowed in the kitchen. If we are eating and I say “dinner time” he knows he must sit on his bed and not come anywhere near we are eating,” Janet added.

“The local kids love to hide his dog treats around my 2 acre property and then call out to Tim ” Hide & Seek”. He finds them all in no time at all. He is also a great team member playing soccer, loves dress ups with my granddaughters.”

“At the moment he is in training learning to stop, drop & crawl to the nearest doorway when I give him the command “Fire”. This will be part of a fire safety training at local schools when Tim visits them.”

The fact that Tim was able to undergo such a significant transformation thanks to love and care is a testament to the resilience of animals and the power of kindness. It’s inspiring to hear stories like this and serves as a reminder of the importance of treating animals with compassion and respect.

Tim is loved by everyone who meets him, even children afraid of dogs are soon conquered by her gentle giant. So now you know why it was her lucky day when she decided to adopt Tim.

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