Rescue Dog That Had Been Buried Underground For Over 18 Hours By Mudslide

When search and rescue teams were searching for victims of the landslide that hit the village of Joya Grande in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, they suddenly heard dogs barking from underground.

The military rescue team was immediately involved, they began to dig at the source of the barking. After hours of painstakingly searching for the victim, the amazing moment when the dog’s head came out of the hole happened.

The dog had been buried underground for over 18 hours. But fortunately, he was still completely healthy and has no serious problems.

It was a moment to celebrate, as crews continued to search through a disaster that has claimed 5 people’s lives and destroyed nearly 100 homes.

The dedication and hard work of the search and rescue team, including the military, are truly commendable. The fact that they were able to locate the dog is a testament to their commitment and expertise in dealing with such situations.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be involved in search and rescue operations, as their acute sense of smell and hearing can be valuable assets in locating people or animals trapped in debris. The dog’s barking was instrumental in guiding the rescuers to the right spot, where they could begin their search.

The rescue of the dog is also a reminder of the bond between humans and animals. The dog was undoubtedly frightened and in distress during the ordeal, and the rescuers’ efforts to save it demonstrate the compassion and empathy that humans can show towards animals.

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