Stray Dog Was Found Barely Alive, Made A Miraculous Recovery

Khaleesi, an abandoned dog at a young age, has been wandering around in Bulgaria for many years, she has never had the life she deserves. Khaleesi grew up starving, clinging to her life.

Fortunately, the dog met Diane and Tony. After receiving a report of a hungry dog loitering around town, the couple decided to investigate and within minutes of arriving at the scene, they discovered Khaleesi.

When Diane and Tony Rowles of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue found this poor dog, she was barely alive. Malnourished and covered in infection, Khaleesi was begging for love.

Diane explains on Facebook, “Tony called the dog and she came straight over to him… she was just so desperate for contact. She has to be one of the saddest cases we have seen.”

Khaleesi was very thin, and she was completely hairless. Tony and Diane were surprised she had managed to survive on her own for so long! Not only was she covered in fleas and ticks, but her ear had torn off and her front leg was broken. It would take a miracle to turn things around for this dog, but they were determined to give their best effort to make it happen.

Khaleesi arrived at the rescue center, and immediately, the team wen to work. Although Khaleesi had a rocky upbringing, she loved human interaction, and the affection the team showed her helped calm and ease her.

The team gave Khaleesi much needed antibiotics. They also regularly bathed her with a special shampoo to remove excess skin and get rid of the bacteria that had built up over time on her skin. Slowly, but surely, the real Khaleesi was beginning to shine.

The skilled and loving vets at the rescue center treated every single one of Khaleesi’s infections. They gave her necessary shots. More importantly, they put Khaleesi’s front leg in a cast so it could heal properly.

Despite the fact that her foot was in a cast, Khaleesi began to resemble a dog. She began to interact with the other dogs at the facility, particularly her best friend, Ragnar!

Her condition gradually improved. Months after being rescued, Khaleesi regained her fur and muscles. She barely looks like the starving, abandoned puppy she once resembled.

With love and dedication, the rescue team gave Khaleesi the miracle she so desperately needed. She made a full recovery, and today, she’s a perfectly healthy dog.

Word of Khaleesi’s story spread all over the world. People from everywhere began to write letters and messages of support for the dog. One boy even wrote a book about his dog that helped him deal with his cancer. Others sent gifts and treats for Khaleesi.

While her story has gone viral, she has yet to be adopted. The precious puppy has been in the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue’s care for two years now, and she’s ready for a forever home.

It’s clear that Khaleesi was in a dire situation when she was found, and it’s a testament to her resilience that she was able to make such a remarkable recovery. The fact that she was able to trust Diane and Tony after such a difficult life is a testament to the power of human kindness.

It’s important to remember that there are countless other animals like Khaleesi still out there, in need of love and care. By adopting pets from shelters, donating to animal welfare organizations, and advocating for animal rights, we can all do our part to make the world a better place for our furry friends.

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