This Poor Puppy Would Be Put Down If No One Step Forward To Help

Peanut, a Pit Bull mix puppy, arrived at an Arizona shelter in very bad condition. She was very sick and in desperate need of help.

Luckily, Nadine Sipos Swart was at the Willcox Animal Shelter when Peanut was there and learned the poor puppy would be put down if no one stepped forward to help. 

Nadine is an advocate for homeless animals in Arizona, and she photographed Peanut and every animal at the shelter that day, which she then shared on Facebook.

“I was told at the shelter that they were getting ready to have to put this 5 month old pit puppy down if they couldn’t find her a home. Her condition was bad…VERY bad. She was very sick with Demodex mange.”

Peanut’s photo was shared on Facebook and received over 27,000 views. “I was astonished,” wrote Nadine. “But it gets better. Through well over 250 shares…this picture reached the one man who was ready to take action and save her.”

“On 3/15 the tears Joshua Cummings had when he saw her picture turned into tears of joy when they met for the first time. Kelly at the shelter drove this puppy to CA where Josh met up with her. That’s what networking can do … Josh has named this little Pit after my daughter Peanut,” wrote Nadine. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with that because that is exactly what she is. A sweet little Peanut.”

After months of medicinal baths, exceptional food and lots of tender loving care, Peanut’s health has improved markedly.

“That poor sick puppy who just sat in the corner of her kennel with her head hanging down is now playing with her brothers and is happy to be alive,” wrote Nadine.

Seeing these before and after photos shows just how remarkable a journey Peanut has made!

“I am beyond happy for this little girl,” said Nadine. “It just took a few people to look beyond her condition and see a beautiful baby but no one else saw it more than Josh. He is a hero.”

Peanut is an excellent example of what can happen when a shelter dog is given a second chance! Peanut recovered beautifully thanks to Josh and his wife’s patient love and care, and he is one very lucky and happy puppy!

Today, Peanut is a happy and healthy Pit Bull mix who loves to play and cuddle with her family. She is a shining example of the incredible resilience and strength of animals and a testament to the power of love and compassion. Thanks to Nadine’s kindness and generosity, Peanut was given a second chance at life and has found a loving forever home where she is cherished and adored.

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