Poor Puppy With Head Injury Crying In Gutter Rescued

Animal Aid Unlimited received an urgent call on their helpline reporting a puppy who had been heard crying from within a closed sewage gutter. A rescue team was quickly dispatched to the scene.

When they arrived at the scene, they heard a faint cry coming from inside the gutter. The rescuers had to lift a large slab of cement covering the gutter, and laying in the water, so weak his nose kept falling into the water, was a puppy who seemed to be taking his last breaths.

They scooped him out but discovered he had serious neurological problems. And so began his long recovery and rehabilitation process.

Despite the severity of his injuries, the dedicated team at Animal Aid Unlimited worked tirelessly to provide the puppy with the care and attention he needed to recover. They provided him with medication to manage his seizures and monitored his condition around the clock.

Over the next few weeks, the puppy slowly began to show signs of improvement. He started to eat and drink on his own, and he even began to take a few tentative steps.

As the days went by, the puppy’s condition continued to improve, and he eventually made a full recovery. Thanks to the dedicated work of the rescue team and the veterinarians at Animal Aid Unlimited, this brave little puppy was able to overcome his injuries and start a new chapter in his life.

Today, the puppy is healthy and happy, and he has found a loving forever home where he is cherished and adored. Despite the challenges he faced early in life, he has a bright future ahead of him, and he is sure to bring joy to everyone he meets.

They then named the dog Leo. Although, little Leo was safe, he couldn’t stand up properly and kept circling and falling over. They thought he might never recover. But after several days of being disoriented, this determined pup started learning how to walk again.

After a month of treatment and the dedicated care of rescuers, Leo made a full recovery. Although he was very happy at the shelter, Leo still needs a loving home for himself. Hope he finds his forever home soon!

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