Sick Puppy Looked Like A Brand New Dog After Being Rescued

Reba, a stray dog that was discovered roaming the streets of Houston, Texas, was finally taken to Vet Ranch.

The dog was in bad shape: emaciated, covered in fleas, and had a bad skin infection, along with very swollen feet. She also had a ton of hair loss, a very bad infection on her mouth, and swollen lymph nodes on her neck.

They did a skin scraping to better diagnose her, and it was discovered that she had demodectic mange, for which she was immediately treated.

They cleaned her up and gave her a medicinal bath. Her hair began to come back after ten days, and the infections on her face were clearing up well.

At this point her skin was looking much healthier, but she still had a long way to go. She got vaccinated and then was sent to live with a foster.

Her scabbing was gone within a week, and her skin was no longer red. She was finally cured not long after! She appeared to be a brand new puppy!

And the greatest part is that her foster was fostering to adopt, so they are just waiting for the papers to clear before it officially becomes her forever home!

Her new family also gave her the name HoneyBee, which fits her loving personality!

Reba’s condition was a result of neglect and lack of care, which unfortunately is all too common among stray animals. However, with the proper treatment and care, her health and appearance began to improve drastically. It’s amazing to see how much of a difference a medicinal bath and proper medical treatment can make in an animal’s life.

Demodectic mange is a skin disease that can be painful and uncomfortable for dogs, and it’s fortunate that Reba was able to receive prompt treatment. The fact that her hair began to grow back and her infections started to clear up after just ten days is a testament to the effectiveness of the treatment provided by Vet Ranch.

The transformation of Reba from a sick and neglected puppy to a healthy and happy dog is truly heartwarming, and it’s a reminder of the important work that animal rescue organizations and veterinarians do every day to help animals in need.

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