Rescued a seriously immobile injured dog

A dog with a very serious wound to the neck has been lying motionless on the street for some time. Immediately after receiving the news, the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue force came and approached him. They immediately realized the dog needed early intervention because he was in critical condition.

Rescuers gently lifted the dog and looked at the large tear in his neck. They decided to take him to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

At the hospital, the dog was performed first aid essentially. The staff gave him pain relievers to make him feel better. Then, IV fluids were given, and the wound is cleaned and bandaged. The dog was extremely weak, he couldn’t get up and was exhausted.

After about a week of care and treatment, the dog miraculously began to recover. He started to take his first steps again, albeit unsteadily.

Now the dog is almost completely recovered, he is more active, no longer avoiding people. He mingled and made new friends at the center. His eyes were filled with hope and happiness.

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