This Brave Dog Took Two Bullets To Protect His Owners

Legend is a heroic dog! He lived up to his name after he saved his family from five armed men, who broke into their home and attacked them.

The dog protected Damien Strickland, 25, and Mersadie Wells-Shahan, 19, when a group of people broke into their home and attacked them in Tampa, Florida.

According to Damien, the heroic dog bit one assailant and successfully chased off the others, but unfortunately he was shot twice during the struggle, one bullet went into the side of Legend’s head. Luckily, the police arrived in time and Legend was rushed to emergency.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Melissa Kincheloe later visited Legend at the vets and told the Patch he’s expected to recover. He went home later that day to rest and recuperate.

Not only did Legend keep his family safe, but his brave acts led to the arrest of one man a short time later. They identified the perpetrator after noticing him attempting to conceal a dog bite!

The man is being charged with attempted robbery, aggravated cruelty to animals (for hurting Legend) and aggravated assault on Damien Strickland. The four other men are still on the loose, but police said they expect to make other arrests soon.

Legend has become a true hero in the eyes of his owners.

In summary, Dogs can be seriously injured or even killed when they confront armed intruders, and it’s important to remember that their safety should always be a top priority.

Legend’s heroic actions serve as a reminder of the important role that dogs can play in our lives. They are more than just pets – they are loyal companions and protectors who are willing to put themselves on the line to keep us safe. We should always treat them with the love, respect, and care they deserve, and be grateful for the ways in which they enrich our lives.

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