Kitten Born With Two Heads

We often hear stories of miraculous births. For example, there is a story about twins, one of whom prolongs the birth process so that the other of the twins survive, or a story about a mother who did not know she was pregnant until she gave birth to a healthy baby.There are even stories about Siamese twins and their separation. What about similar stories in the pet world? How many stories of unusual animal births have you seen? Ngern and Tong, which means “money” and “gold” in translation, are the names of a two headed kitten born in Thailand. When his owner Chabapray Nilpet came home from work, she saw that her cat Snow was giving birth to her fourth lamb.

An incident occurred that caused the dog’s legs to become paralyzed. Realizing that it was difficult for a cat to giνe birth to the last kitten, she took her to the νeterinarian for emergency surgery. For the first time, her cat gaνe birth to a kitten that Nilpet had neνer seen before  a kitten with two heads. Unfortunately, the two headed kitten had difficulty breathing and had to be hooked up to a machine to support his heart and lungs.When the kitten’s condition stabilized, he was able to return home to his mother and siblings. Due to problems with physical activity, Nilpet has to syringe feed him. A kitten needs to be syringed and chest rubbed regularly to develop internal organs. Nipbet considers this kitten a good sign, especially considering that her cat Snow has never before, in all four lambs, given birth to such a kitten as Ngern and Tong. Because of her love for cats, Nipbet will do anything to keep the kitten alive. The birth of kittens like Ngern and Tong is very rare and usually they are born with some kind of defects. Of course, raising a two headed kitten is difficult, but he can give twice as much love as a normal one.

Source: Petsdailynews

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