Abandoned Puppy Who Was Found In Parking

You are literally never going to believe the story behind the abandonment of this beautiful baby bully.Hold on Moby, we are coming for your Friday afternoon, he was brought into our vet’s office by a young couple who declined all treatment for him despite pleading of the veterinary staff Fast forward less than an hour later, he was discovered after being abandoned just a half a mile down the road Luckily, they soon reached out for help.


Only just one week, We can see the light, confidence and love come back to his innocent eyes.

He has been under the specialty care of the veterinary dermatologist for a little over a month and has been making great progress. But,last night, all of that changed! The sudden onset of a fever, body tremors, hind end weakness generalized discomfort. Bad news, Moby is hospitalized again,we are extremely worried, Overnight he has experienced then onset of a high fever, decline in mobility, extreme stiffness and body tremors with all of the tragedy we have endured lately.

We are so damn grateful that Moby is alive and able to come home from the hospital There are still many major unknowns in his highly complex case is valley fever truly the driving force in all of this or is there something more? We finally received the news, Dr. Bondy called and Moby’s distemper test came back negative.Moby saw Dr. Bondy last week for a follow up visit. His labs are looking a lot better His white blood cell count is down and his globulins are closer to normal range.

To the people who abandoned him on the side of the road. Look at him living a better life than you.

Source: Herstory


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