After Being Abandoned By His Parents This Boy Found Love In The Dogs Arms

Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old boy from Quezon City in the Philippines. He lives without his parents, who left him when he was very young.

He has an older sister who lives in another city, but she doesn’t have the money to go here. He had to live on the street begging for food since finishing second grade.

Although the boy was abandoned by his relatives, so he dropped out of school early, but Rommel insists he always intends to pursue his education again if given the opportunity.

This kid has a great relationship with his dog and photos of the two have gone viral on the internet and captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world. After being posted, his story went viral on social media.

Maria Kabs uploaded photos of the boy and his dog to her Facebook account after she saw them on the street. The woman was so impressed that she felt she had to take a picture of his friendship with the dog.

The story was widely shared in 2018, spreading around the world, especially a photo of Rommel sleeping peacefully with his dog in his arms despite the harsh surroundings.

Rommel claims he has found peace in Badgi, a homeless dog who also roams the streets alone. Since then, they have become great friends and inspire each other to continue fighting for life.

Every day, when Rommel found food, he shared it with his best friend. In return for this act, Badgi always protects his friend from other beggar children.

Every night, two friends snuggled up and slept soundly, trying to relax after the fatigue of the day.

The sad plight of these little creatures meeting and lighting up each other’s lives gave both of them hope.

It seems that with Badgi, Rommel is no longer afraid of loneliness and bullying. For his part, the dog never cares if his friend is a wanderer or a rich kid, just love is enough for this dog.

According to Yan.vn, thanks to the efforts of many people and Maria’s viral post about her past with Badgi. Little Rommel has gone to school and plans to build a better future with his wonderful canine friend.

From this story of beautiful friendship, no matter what happened in his short life, Rommel is still filled with love, dreams and delighted with the wonderful relationship he has forged with his uncle. his beloved dog.

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