A Kind Couple Saved This Starving Dog Tied To A Tree

When a kind couple learned that there was a dog in terrible condition tied to a tree behind a house, they decided to investigate.

When they saw the dog, they couldn’t believe his condition and ran to get him water and food. At first they thought this skinny dog had been abandoned, but 20 minutes later a man walked through the gate.

They decided to act and asked the man about the dog. They confronted the man and the man replied that the dog belonged to his nephew. He left the dog here months ago and the man is not interested in taking care of him. The man then asked if they wanted him, to which they immediately said ‘yes’.

Then they named the dog Ganesh and brought Ganesh home, washed and fed him. “He was so happy just to be able to walk and even run for the first time in who knows how long.”

Ganesh is a Dogo Argentino mix and his rescuers have taken him into their home to foster him.

“He has adjusted wonderfully to our animal home. We have three other doggies that have welcomed him sweetly to their pack and a kitty who warms up more each day that passes to his gentle attempts to be her friend,” they said.

“He is eating four hearty meals a day filled with protein and good fats and takes long walks where he is quickly learning to walk on a leash. He has been to the beach and to the dog park where he has made more doggy and human friends. He is very excited and curious to experience new places, animals, people and things.”

Even better, Good Karma Pet Rescue stepped forward to help Ganesh find a forever home once he was ready. Until then, he’s exploring his new world with love and curiosity!

The fact that the couple provided the dog with food and water shows their compassion and willingness to help. It’s reassuring to know that there are people out there who are willing to step in and make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

It’s also worth noting that the couple did not jump to conclusions when they saw the dog tied up. Instead, they waited and observed to see if anyone would come to claim the dog. This demonstrates their level-headedness and their desire to handle the situation in a responsible and respectful manner.

Overall, the actions of this kind couple are a shining example of compassion and kindness. They saw a need and took action to help a suffering animal. Their actions remind us that we all have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and that we should never hesitate to do so when the opportunity arises.

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