These Abandoned Disabled Dogs Got A Chance To Run Again

Many rescued elephants live at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. These elephants have come from many walks of life and from lives with many hardships.

But not only the home of rescued elephants, Elephant Nature Park is also home to more than 400 rescued dogs, including 32 very special ones. The 32 dogs have lost the use of their legs through accident, disease, neglect and abuse.

These dogs might not have survived if Save Elephant Foundation (which funds and runs the sanctuary) hadn’t discovered them. They would have either continued to be overlooked and suffer on the streets or have possibly been put to sleep at the vet.

Instead, they had a happy life, were loved and cared for by volunteers and the sanctuary.

As narrated by one of the volunteers, it is hard work, but good work. The volunteers ensure the dogs are taken on a walk every day.

The disabled dogs feel like normal dogs when in wheelchairs. As soon as they get them on, they just want to go go go. Many other volunteers drop by to visit the dogs too. “They are happy dogs and love being with people,” the volunteer reveals.

Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and the donations they receive, these dogs have an opportunity to live, run and play.

Caring for dogs with disabilities can be challenging, but it’s a responsibility that requires dedication, patience, and a lot of love. The fact that Elephant Nature Park has taken on this challenge shows their commitment to helping animals in need, regardless of their condition.

It’s inspiring to see how Elephant Nature Park has expanded its mission to include not just elephants but also other animals in need. This demonstrates that they truly care about animal welfare and are willing to go the extra mile to make a positive impact.

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