A Series Of Young People Had To Go To Prison For Throwing This Cat As Bait For Wild Dogs To Entertain

A very sad story happened to Little John. A homeless cat wandered into a construction site where troubled teenagers were hiding in the evenings.They sniffed glue and looked for entertainment. And then the cat turned up! How to miss such an opportunity? It must be said that the life of little John was never happy anyway.

Few people fed him, but people often drove the animal out of the yard, forcing him to freeze on the street in cold winters or get wet in the autumn rains. Repeatedly in his life there were battles for food, water, safety, and a roof over his head. And now, these children, who, due to an oversight of their parents, have slipped into cruelty.The teenagers grabbed John and threw him like bait into a pack of hungry stray dogs. And then they had fun watching the bestial war how he alone stood against everyone, defending his life.But he didn’t stand a chance. A few minutes later, Little John was lying on the frozen ground covered in blood, with a bitten spine.The children laughed and ran away, and he was left alone, unable even to crawl. They found him only in the morning the watchman picked up the cat and took the cold body to the hospital. Doctors threw all their strength into restoring the health of the injured animal. Despite the sad experience of communicating with people, the purr reacted to the warmth of the heart that the volunteers tried to warm him with.

He raised his little black ear every time he was spoken to, and even tried to answer something. Subsequently, John went through a lot of procedures and trials, but we have good news: today the cat is able to run and play in general, to do everything that his healthy relatives do.

This is such a good story. Kind because with a good end, erasing the sad beginning.

Source: Petsdailynews

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