Abused Dog Left In Trash Was Lucky To Be Found By The Rescue Team

Charlie, a Pit Bull, was covered in flies, filth and head wounds and lying in the trash next to a dumpster when Nikki Rubino found him. If Nikki hadn’t discovered Charlie, the poor dog might have died.

Nikki learned about Charlie from a Facebook post where she was tagged. With many years of experience working with veterinarians, Nikki knew that the dog was on death’s door.

The dog wasn’t moving when Nikki first approached him to unfasten the string that was attaching him to a pole. That he was even able to lift his head was a miracle.

Nikki and her friend got the dog to the car and quickly took him to the Philadelphia Animal Hospital, where his condition has been “touch-and-go” ever since. But the 2-year-old Pit bull has a whole group of supporters rallying to help him heal.

“It’s a terrible tragedy when innocent animals are treated in such a way, and we recognize that this is not an isolated incident,” the hospital continued. “Charlie is a very sweet dog and is in stable condition.” The vets are “taking every measure to ensure he gets well.”

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ humane law-enforcement team is also looking into who is responsible for Charlie’s injuries.

The PSPCA said that Charlie does have a microchip, which was implanted by them as port of their front clinic/vaccine clinic services. Based on Charlie’s wounds it appears he was used as a bait dog for dog fighters.

There has been a flood of donations for Charlie, and the Philadelphia Animal Hospital is asking future donations to be directed to the City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet.

“While not our typical rescue, Charlie’s wonderful finders sure brought him to the right place,” City of Elderly Love wrote on Facebook. “Philadelphia Animal Hospital will be caring for and treating him free of cost and as their exclusive rescue partner, we’ll be handling his post-recovery care. We have high hopes that Philly’s amazing Humane Law Enforcement team will be able to bring Charlie’s abusers to justice.”

Although veterinarians are still very concerned that Charlie may have sepsis from his wound, it has been a few days since he was rescued and there are some positive signs that he is recovering. Three days after his rescue, he’s “happily trotting around” the hospital.

“There’s no set timeline on his recovery and we’ll have to take it day by day, but Charlie is strong and the worst is over,” the rescue group said. “Tomorrow, he’ll have surgery to remove more of the dead tissue on his face. He’ll need a series of procedures to make a full recovery, but is more comfortable than he has been in a long time.”

His rescuers are making sure he gets lots of rest and cuddles as he recovers.

The animal hospital added, “Tomorrow he will have surgery to remove much of the dead tissue around his face and muzzle. It will be just one of a series of surgeries he will need, but it is a step in the right direction. He is eating well and is much more comfortable than he has been!”

Thank goodness for kind people like Nikki and the rescuers and doctors working to save Charlie’s life and making sure his future is bright.

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