Baby elephant given prosthetic leg after losing leg to landmine

Bad things happened when Mosha was seven months old when she stepped on a landmine and lost her right front leg completely.
Everyone at that time thought that the beautiful little elephant’s life seemed to be ruined forever. No one thought it could walk.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination and the country is often known for its golden beaches, swaying palm trees and beautiful scenery. But what many people don’t know is that the country also has a serious problem of landmines along its borders with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar.

It is estimated that Thailand still has 360 km2 of unexploded ordnance left over from the war in 10 provinces. The authorities do their best to remove all landmines, but it is a difficult job because the land infested with mines includes villages, farmland and part of the national forest.

Unfortunately, many mines remain in those areas. Over the years, people and animals have been seriously injured. One of them is the elephant Mosha.

At just 7 months old, she stepped on one of these landmines and lost her leg. Her condition has put a lot of stress on her spine as well as her remaining 3 limbs.

But when a doctor named Therdchai Jivacate heard about the terrible tragedy Mosha had experienced, he realized he had to act. Dr Therdchai Jivacate is an orthopedic surgeon rehabilitating injured elephants. And for a long time he worked at the world’s first elephant hospital, located in Thailand.

Upon learning of Mosha’s plight, he did not hesitate to intervene immediately. With the help of his team, Dr. Jivacate developed the world’s first artificial elephant leg. It was a prosthetic that made Mosha’s life easier and enabled her to walk again.

And as Mosha grew and aged, Dr. Jivacate created new prosthetics for her.
Thanks to the great effort of Dr. Jivacate and his team, Mosha has regained her life and is finally able to live a normal life again. 

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