Two-Legged Stray Dog That Spent 10 Painful Years On The Streets Has Made The Most Amazing Transformation Ever

Amaze-Bobb is an adorable dog, but he has had a very tough life. For 10 years, dog was neglected and used to live in the streets. He was taken by animal control in January, and went to Synergy animal rescue in San Diego.

Synergy specializes in helping special needs dogs, especially seniors, in southern California. Their motto is, “Love to the forgotten; comfort to the sick; care for the blind, deaf and dying.” Their mission is incredible and so worthy, as are the dogs they care for.

Bobb had been owned by homeless people who hadn’t ever groomed him. Normally poodles need grooming every 4-6 weeks and this dog had gone 10 years without a haircut.

The years of abuse had resulted in two of his legs being self-amputated due to extremely matted fur that cut off circulation. His teeth were rotten too and he only has 4 left.


On January 22, after receiving an email from the animal rescue organization Synergy, a couple came to adopt him. In the email, they told about a senior toy poodle who had experienced horrific neglect and his tightly matted fur had become so extreme that it had self-amputated two of his legs.

The couple gave him a calm place to rest, recover, and be loved and spoiled.

“My husband and I fostered Bobb after he was rescued by Synergy. We fell in love with him and his indomitable spirit. After moving out of state we made the adoption official at the end of June when Synergy director Carla flew with Bobb to bring him to us. Bobb joined our family of two Siberian Huskies and two cats” Bobb’s foster mother said.

Thanks to the animal control officers, the shelter, the vets, and especially to Synergy, Bobb is not miserable, and he is not suffering anymore.

“Bobb plays every day. Bobb goes on short walks. Bobb runs, and quite fast considering. Bobb is not in pain. Bobb is happy. Bobb loves dinner time. Bobb loves belly rubs. Bobb doesn’t feel sorry himself, and neither do we.”

Bobb, and dogs like him, deserve a second chance and to know what love is and how good life can be.

It’s incredible that this dog was able to survive on the streets for 10 years, despite having only two legs. That kind of resilience is truly remarkable. And then to see the transformation that this dog underwent is nothing short of amazing.

It’s a testament to the love and care of the people who rescued this dog and gave it a new home. With proper medical attention and a loving environment, this dog was able to regain its strength and learn to walk and run on its two legs.


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