The Miraculous Journey of a Buried Dog and the Rescuer Who Became His Forever Home

A border collie named Jace was discovered intentionally interred beneath a pile of weeds, but he is now living the good life with one of his rescuers.Back in November 2020, individuals searching for a walk in the Scottish Highlands heard Jae’s pleas emanating from a vast expanse of RC. They immediately began digging and tossing aside rubble and discovered the horrifying truth: a dog was trapped beneath the rubble, scarcely clinging to life.

The wallabies quickly contacted the Scottish SCA, and Ynne Slss and Mar Greener responded.

Jae was transported to the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehming Centre veterinary clinic, but it was uncertain whether he would survive the night, according to an official statement released by the SSCA.

In the statement, Slss, who was one of the first witnesses on the scene, stated, “This was honestly one of the worst cases I have ever encountered.”

She continued, “When I first saw Jae, I felt shock, sorrow, and disbelief that someone had done this to him on purpose. His head was so swollen, and he was in dire straits. We did not believe he would be able to do it. When we arrived at the emergency room, he was unconscious and receiving emergency treatment.”Despite his dire circumstances, Jace became quite tenacious and determined to live. He slept through the night and then embarked on his healing journey.

“Jase miraculously survived the night. Only after he was transferred to our Glasgow emergency clinic did we realize how severe his condition was. “Mr. Jace required extensive care to help him recover both mentally and physically,” Slss explained.After being evaluated by the veterinary clinic, it was determined that Jace had fractures to his skull and mandible, and that he had lost an eye due to the injuries. The dog had to undergo multiple surgeries to survive, but he gradually began to recover.

Jae was pronounced fit to go to a foster home after weeks of rehabilitation, and investigator Mar Greener stepped in. Greener had only been on the job for a week when he was asked to respond to Jae’s case, so the dog held a special place in his heart, and he was more than willing to provide a temporary home for the dog.Greener stated in the statement, “When Jae returned home with me, he was still extremely fragile. His fractures had not fully recovered, so he was unable to close his mouth. Jae required specialist care, and it is now time for him to truly recover.”

In addition to needing to recover physically, Jase also endured significant mental trauma. No one is certain of the maltreatment he endured prior to being buried alive beneath the pile of rotting corpses, but his life was certainly not pleasant.

“It took him some time to trust me, but now that he does, we are together again,” Greener said in the statement.Jae became Greener’s foster failure, but Greener would not have had it any other way. He recognizes how difficult it was Jae to gain his trust and comfort, and he could not take that away from him.

He stated, “We are always outside, and Jace allows us to rest.” Now, I truly cannot imagine my existence without him. I am so grateful to the passersby who discovered Jae. Without them, he might not have survived.”Animal cruelty continues to play a significant role in the daily lives of domesticated, untamed, and farm animals. While animal protection under the law is changing and expanding, nothing can make as much of a difference as an individual who chooses to be kind.

Source: Forever Love Animals


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