The cat that was thrown from moving car into the trash bag has found a new mother

This adorable cat named Honeycake has had a memorable journey before finding his new mother. Honeycake got off to a bad start when he was thrown from a moving car in a trash bag. Fortunately, he survived and was rescued by a kind Samaritan. When he found out Honeycake, he then took the cat to a nearby shelter immediately

After that, the process of finding a new owner for Honeycake, things did not go as smoothly as expected when it seemed that no one had applied to adopt him. He had to wait a long time in the shelter. Plus, the shelter doesn’t have a ban on taking away the right to live, which means the troublesome kitty only had a limited amount of time in the center.

However, Honeycake’s deadline was coming and the residence putted much more effort to find people to adopt Honeycake. If the shelter couldn’t find him a new home, it’s hard to imagine what will happen.

Michigan Cat Rescue heard Honeycake’s story, and when they knew the deadline was approaching, they were ready to rescue the cat ahead of time. He got a second chance to live at Michigan Cat Rescue. At here, his luck really final came.

A gentle woman came and seemed to feel the bond between her and the cat, she decided to welcome him into her warm home. Honeycake was excited but also extremely patient when he met her new mother. He couldn’t stop climbing, hugging and kissing on her face.

Honeycake is extremely sweet, which makes Renee determined to bring a happy life to the cat. Honeycake, now renamed Finnegan, quickly settled into a new home with many new friends and they quickly bonded together. Renee said Finnegan can now receive countless hugs and kisses every day.

Finnegan is living a great life right now because he totally deserves it. Hope our positive story will bring a lot of energy, love and warmth to everyone!

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