The 2 Legged Dog Mastered Walking Upright On Her Back Two Legs

Dogs are incredibly resilient creatures, and they have an innate ability to adapt to challenging situations. It’s not uncommon for dogs to adapt to injuries or disabilities and learn to live a full and happy life.

If a dog has lost the use of its front legs or is born without them, it can learn to walk on its back two legs with some training and practice. With patience and the right kind of support, dogs can learn to balance and walk upright on their hind legs.

It’s essential to note that walking on two legs can put a lot of stress on a dog’s spine and hips, which can lead to health issues in the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial to work closely with a veterinarian and a dog trainer to ensure that the dog is comfortable and safe while walking on two legs. Let’s see the story below about Faith!

Faith is a two-legged dog that has mastered standing erect on her back two legs despite her disability. She has inspired many individuals and given hope to many military troops who have suffered injuries while on duty.

Faith was born at a junkyard in December 2002. She had two properly developed back legs but sadly, her front legs were deformed, can’t function as they should.

Reuben Stringfellow, a young man, came upon the poor tiny puppy dog as her mother was attempting to smother her. Faith was saved by Reuben, who then brought her to his mother Jude.

They adopted the adorable little young pup with lots of determination, and a great deal of peanut butter for a enticement, Faith mastered walking on her two rear legs.

Faith has also come to be a bit of a celebrity and has been a guest on numerous TV shows including Oprah. She also has her own website and facebook page.

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